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Hotel Products

We supply a range of quality preserves, condiments, fruit toppings and dressings to the food service industry. Recently introduced to the range, are our Low GI products, ideal for all buffets, allowing Hotels, B & B, Lodges and Conference centres to offer a healthier choice to their loyal guests.

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Airline Products

For more than 18 years we have been supplying a range of portion controlled preserves and salad dressings to the local and international airlines. An exciting NEW product is our single serve Healthy Muesli breakfast pack.

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Bakery Products

We pride ourselves with our range of full fruit pie fillings and toppings (containing an oven and freeze-stable starch). We do not compromise on the quality and have therefore been able to secure an ever-growing customer base. On-going product development and technical support is available to satisfy any baker’s needs.

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Health Products

We continually strive to be innovative in developing products that aid in supporting a healthy life style. Our range of Low GI products can be enjoyed by the whole family and are suitable for those with Diabetes.

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Diabetic Products

Diabetes – What is it?

Diabetes is a condition of the body in which sugar is not used correctly to provide energy for living and growing. You develop diabetes when your body doesn’t produce enough insulin. Without insulin, your body can’t get the energy it needs from your food.

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