Low GI Toasted Muesli Packet

(12 x 750g)
  • Cranberry

Nutritional Information

Low GI Muesli 750g & 40g sachetper 100gper 40g%NRV Per Serving
Energy (Kj)1472589 
Protein (g)
Glycemic Carbohyderate (g)6426 
of which total sugar (g)55 
Total fat (g)73 
of which saturated fat (g)1.30.5 
Cholestrol (mg)00 
Total dietry fibre* (g)9.53.8 
Sodium (mg)7329 
Glycemic IndexLowLow 

**NRV = Nutrient Reference values for individuals 4 years and older
*Analysis done according to the AOAC methods 985.29 & 960.52. 1997

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